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PLTL is an active learning program incorporated into several courses within the department of Biological Sciences at Florida International University and within a variety of different disciplines and universities across the world. Each week students in a course offering PLTL meet with a PLTL Peer Leader in small teams (6-12 students) performing tasks in a workshop format. A PLTL Peer Leader is a peer who has successfully completed the course and are trained to facilitate workshop for the course. The Peer Leader’s role is to guide current students through workshop content each week as a team. Students are responsible for bringing their textbook/notes from class to the session in order to receive full credit for being there. Further policies can be found on the PLTL syllabus.

Fall 2018

Please click the link below to view PLTL start dates per subject:


PLTL runs on the following days each week according to subject:


General Biology I
Workshops run Wed-Sat.
General Biology II:
Workshops run Wed-Sat.
Intermediate Human Physiology:
Workshops run Thurs-Sat.
Human Biology:
Workshops run Mon-Tues.
Histology Lab:
Workshops run Mon-Tues.
Workshops run Fri-Tues.
Foundations of Human Physiology:
Workshops run Mon-Tues.
Introduction to Microbiology
Workshops run Fri-Tues.
General Microbiology:
Workshops run Wed-Sat.

Fall 2018 PLTL Enrollment

Please click the link below to access enrollment dates and times according to subject. Note that PLTL may begin as early as the following day after enrollment opens. Also, note you will not earn credit by enrolling and attending PLTL for an incorrect subject.


*** To confirm your enrollment, please see your Canvas page ***

Please read carefully!!

You have the ability to drop yourself on this registration page. Once dropped, you will have the opportunity to enroll into another section, as long as there are still seats available. Once a section is full, we DO NOT do overrides into closed sections.

*** Please check your e-mail for enrollment confirmation and login to Canvas to access your PLTL course. ***

Note: Schedule of available sections is subject to change depending on the availability of Peer Leaders and university space.
Each course has a different tab. Make sure you are referencing the correct course.

How To Enroll:

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  • Program Director: Jose Alberte
  • Program Associate Director: Alberto Cruz
  • Program Assistant Director: Nataly Rodriguez
  • Program Administrative Assistant: Frank Rodriguez
  • Program Faculty Chair: Thomas Pitzer
  • Course Liaison and Administrative Assistant to Chair: Roberto Pereira

Please click the link below to view PLTL start dates per subject: